It is in the prestigious setting of the Théâtre Royal of Mons that will be held the opening and closing ceremonies of the FIFA.

Galas begin at 8p.m.

  • When Sarah meets Victor in 1971, she does not yet know that they will spend 45 years together: a life full of passion and secrets, sorrows and surprises… The odyssey of a couple.

  • Pierre is a retired widower who has not left his home for the past two years, but discovers the joys of the internet thanks to Alex, a young man hired by his daughter to teach him the basics of how to use a computer. On a dating site, he is offered a first date by a stunning young woman called Flora63, who is won over by his romantic nature. The love-struck Pierre rediscovers his taste for life, but his profile picture is a photograph of Alex, rather than himself, so he has to convince the young man to go and meet Flora in his place.

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